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Pastor Bagcine Bandile Ciliza a.k.a BB –

Senior Pastor

Bagcine Ciliza is the Senior Pastor of the historic Nancefield Baptist Church, Eldorado Park, Johannesburg. He was born in Duncan VIllage, East London and as young man was raised in a Baptist church called Shad Mashologu Memorial Baptist church under Rev Peter Mabena. Pastor Ciliza is a Baptist Union Accredited Minister and is a registered Affiliate of ACRP (Association of Christian Religious Practitioners) with the Council for General Ministry Practitioners and is designated as a Religious Professional. Registration number 2018-G-01324.

He currently serves on the Baptist Union Ministry Board in October 2016. He is also an overseer of the Missions works which happens at the Jubilee Hospital in Hammanskraal. As part of the extra work he does within the Baptist Union. In 2021 Pastor Bagcine was appointed to revive the Christian work at the Lefika Prayer & Retreat Centre in Hammanskraal, Pretoria.

In 1997, at the age of 20, Pastor Ciliza began his college years and also became a members at Nancefield Baptist Church where he was also baptized. Little did anyone know that 21 years later (2018), he would be appointed as the senior pastor.

Presently, the ministry has grown and expanded its effectiveness to the whole of Eldorado Park which has a population of about 70 000. Under his leadership, Nancefield has expanded beyond its original location to over 1000 homes which we have directly impacted through Canned Food Drive & Bible Drive.

A prolific writer, “BB,” as he is fondly called, is the author of six books. His latest book, Remedy of Affection, that he is working on is due to be released in November 2022.

In 2011/12, he was also a ward committee member at the Tshwane Municipality.

Pastor Ciliza is a Marriage Officer registered with the Department of Home Affairs, therefore making him a commissioner of oaths. He lost runs his own practice called Ciliza & Associate Counselling Practice which has offices in Johannesburg, Mamelodi and in Hammanskraal. Through this ministry he is able to restore marriages, equip those who are planning to get married and assists families to restore.

His experiences nurtured his unique call to the ministry of salvation and honed his distinct ability to transcend tradition in his delivery of the gospel, through widening spiritual parameters in order to reach diverse people of manifold backgrounds, cultures, and denominations. He was ordained an apostle in June 2012. Today Pastor Bagcine says, he has a better understanding of why God called him. Pastor Bagcine has also worked to put his energy on his creative side. A charismatic preacher and sound teacher of the Bible. Bagcine has sounded his voice through radio (Link FM Christian radio as a host in the early 2000s), Keith Ngesi Radio as a guest presenter and has appeared on Tshwane TV over a long period of time for motivational sessions.


Elders shall consult with and assist the pastor/s in the caring ministry and spiritual oversight of the church.

1. Head of Pastoral Office – Elder Jackie Killar

The elder’s responsibility is to ensure that the pastoral office is supported and also ensure that the overall administration of the church is run effectively by supporting Church Secretary, Church Admin, ministries and departments. The core being to assist the pastor in pastoral and spiritual care of the members and visitors.

2. Head of Teaching, Discipleship & Development – Elder Shane Bennett

The elder is to word hand-in-hand with the pastor to develop teaching & discipleship material. The elder will ensure that classes such as membership, discipleship, leadership and such are implemented. The core being to assist the pastor in pastoral and spiritual care of the members and visitors.

3 . Head of Spiritual and Pastoral Care – Elder Jeremy Smit

The elder is to assist the pastor with individual spiritual care. He is to serve communion in homes, hospitals or where there is a need. The elder, like all other elders’, main responsibility is to assist the pastor to have spiritual oversight.


Senior Elders

Elders shall consult with and assist the pastor/s in the caring ministry and spiritual oversight of the church.

Jeremy Smit | Stephen Paddy | Jackie Killar 



  • Alfred Solomons – Is responsible for the legal side of the organization. The Secretary, in consultation with the chairperson ensures that business meeting are help in coherency with the constitution.


  • Crimilda Peete

Takes care of all the church finances.

  • Dylan Krauser (Children & Youth Stream)
    Clifton Gordon (Outreach Stream)
    Sharon Sullivan (Family Stream)


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