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In early 1954 the Florida Baptist Church, under the pastoral leadership of the late Rev Mervin Gordon, send out field workers to do outreach work in a number of the then so-called coloured communities. A man by the name of Mr. Rossouw and a number of other believers worked in the Noordgesig area doing way-side Sunday school and conducting Sunday morning church services in the Noordgesig Primary School.

In 1957 a young 20-year-old English man by the name of Allan White joined the Noordgesig work and during the next 11 years of his life he became instrumental in the beginning of the Nancefield Baptist Church.

By 1964 this outreach work had spread to the Nancefield area (today known as Eldorado Park), where Allan White and his fellow believers conducted way-side Sunday schools and church services in the residence of families he had made contact with through the way-side Sunday school.

For the next 4 years until his untimely death in February of 1968, he was conducting these outreach services in the Nancefield area, and in a number of other areas as far afield as Riverlea and the Grasmere area. Allan White effectively managed this work by training the converted youths and placing them into groups in the different areas to do outreach work. It was during these early pioneering years in 1964 that ultimately led to the start of the Nancefield Baptist Church.

In February of 1968 with a membership of 15 congregants and joined by other believers from the Kliptown area the Nancefield Baptist church was formally constituted. However, they still required premises as they were meeting in the homes of the congregants. During this period, they faced unexpected heartache when Allan White tragically passed away in a motor vehicle accident in February of 1968. Whilst still coming to terms with the passing of Allan White, God in his faithfulness raised up Rev Ernest Brown to lead the Nancefield Baptist Church.

For the next couple of years, the community of believers moved from one premises to another as they had no permanent premises of their own. From an area known as “Die Stalle”, to the Nazarene Church in Boundary road, to the Lutheran church in Old Eldorado Park until they were able to purchase a piece of land that was once a dumping site) in the Eldorado Park Extension 6 area. It is here where the church started its first service in a tent to where it is today.  All glory belongs to God for his faithfulness towards Nancefield Baptist Church over the years.

We honour and remember the Men of God who led and who are currently leading the church:

*Mr Allan White                              – 1964 Until 1968

*Rev Ernest Brown                           – 1969 Until 1985

*Rev Henry Buys                              – 1986 Until 1996

Rev George Ngamlana                     – 1997 Until 1998

Rev Gregory van Zyl                       – 1999 Until 2002

*Rev Lionel Hendricks                    – 2002 Until 2007

Rev Lincoln Lavans                         – 2007 Until 2017

Rev Bagcine Bandile Ciliza             – 2018 Until current



…to glorify God in all we do


By making disciples and equippig the saints for works of service that we may present all people complete in Christ.


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